Work on the Swing States!

Climate. Social Justice. We're not about to sit on the sidelines. WHEN WE VOTE, WE WIN.

- NextGen Climate

The wrong candidate would be the single worse disaster for climate change. Please help work on swing states! And help win the Senate.

I believe this one is too unpredictable and too close to call. We have only a short window to make a difference! The wrong candidate would be a disaster for the climate. Watch our web site and our Facebook site in the coming weeks. I will be putting up calls to action from Robert Reich, Michael Moore, Daily Kos and others who also believe this election is too close to call and we need to get out the vote. We literally cannot afford to let this happen this time. I am doing this work for my beloved nieces and nephews and the precious little children and babies they have. I hope you do the same - for everyone you love!

350 Action and NextGen Climate Working Together to Get Out the Vote! 

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