Water protectors in Standing Rock are under attack again by militarized police, they are spraying water cannons (it's 25 degrees out), shooting rubber bullets, using sound weapons and tear gas at Water Protectors who are attempting to remove burnt out vehicles on the bridge.

CALLS TO MAKE TONIGHT or TOMORROW about the attacks on water protectors at Standing Rock:
Morton County Sheriff's Dept: 701-328-8118 (can leave a message) & 701-667-3330
North Dakota National Guard: 701-333-2000

North Dakota Governor: 701.328.2200

Demand that they have law enforcement STAND DOWN on Highway 1806. This is unacceptable.


Update from Sierra Club on Facebook:

Tonight, militarized police in Standing Rock are assaulting peaceful protesters with water cannons in freezing temperatures, the latest in a ongoing use of force against Native Americans and others standing up to the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune responded, "This act of brutality by militarized police is an unacceptable assault on peaceful water protectors exercising their First Amendment rights and standing up for their heritage. Spraying water on peaceful water protectors in freezing temperatures is nothing short of life-threatening and inhumane, making this a disgraceful new low in the ongoing use of force by police. The Sierra Club stands in solidarity with our tribal allies in this historic effort, and urges President Obama to take the steps necessary to protect the safety and rights of everyone in Standing Rock immediately.”

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