Urgent Action Alert: Protect Community Choice Energy – Call Today to Oppose AB 1110

Protect Sonoma Clean Power and other Community Choice Energy Programs!


From our partner 350 Bay Area - 

Call your state senator and Assemblyperson Phil Ting today to stop AB 1110. AB 1110, introduced in 2015, re-emerged at the last moments of the legislative session and threatens Community Choice Energy programs across California. AB 1110 is anti-competitive and will prevent electric service providers from accurately reporting greenhouse gas emissions, creating significant new costs for electricity customers and slow our transition to renewable energy in California. AB 1110 also does not require full accounting of life-cycle emissions of natural gas, which is mostly methane, a potent climate-destroyer. For more information on why this bill is so harmful, read this statement from Marin Clean Energy.

This bill is scheduled for a vote as early as Monday, 8/15!

Please make 2 phone calls:

1)     Please call the office of California Assemblyperson Phil Ting (916) 319-2019 or (415) 557-2312, the author of the bill and ask him to withdraw AB 1110

As the author of the bill, Ting can withdraw it at any time.  As the representative of San Francisco, with a newly operating CCE, Ting has every reason to do the right thing to protect Community Choice Energy and revise the bill to create a fair and balanced GHG reporting system.

2)   Please call your state senator and tell them to “Oppose AB 1110 Unless Amended”. 

Tell your Senator to oppose the bill unless amended to create a fair and balanced GHG reporting system.

Bay Area Senators (if you are not sure, look up your senator at: 



District 15, Jim Beall, San Jose, (916) 651-4015

District 9, Loni Hancock, Oakland, (916) 651-4009

District 13, Jerry Hill, San Mateo, (916) 651-4013

District 11, Mark Leno, San Francisco, (916) 651-4011

District 2, Mike McGuire, San Rafael, (916) 651-4002

District 10, Bob Wieckowski, Fremont, (916) 651-4010

District 7, Steven Glazer, Walnut Creek, (916) 651-4007

We cannot let the big utilities win – call today to protect Community Choice Energy and our clean energy future in CA.

Thank you for all you do!

350 Bay Area 100% Renewable Campaign


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