Support the Standing Rock Sioux -      No DAPL!

(Updated 10/9/16)

No DAPL! It's the Keystone pipeline all over again. Support the Standing Rock Sioux protecting their water and our climate against the Dakota Access Pipeline. Native American tribes are holding the line against the fossil fuel industry for us all! Please consider donating whatever you can.

You can support the Standing Rock Sioux in many ways:


Tell President Obama: Stop the Dakota Access pipeline. Sign the petition asking Obama to stop the DAPL permanently:

Sign a petition started by Standing Rock Youth to stop the pipeline here

Spread messages of opposition to the pipeline: #NoDAPL


Donations Requested for Standing Rock Sioux legal defense and other needs to help get them through the winter.

PLEASE, the tribe has requested NO CLOTHES.
They are getting lots of clothes and things and have no place to store them to protect them from the rain. They are getting wet, and it's creating a lot of work to dry things out at the encampments. It's best to send money. (And greener, too! We don't have to ship or drive things across the country.)

For Updates on Support Being Requested:



See an interactive map of the Dakota Access Pipeline financial backers here

For more information:

#StandingRock, #NoDAPL, #standwithstandingrock, #waterislife


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