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Regenerative Agriculture Repairs Soil and Reduces Carbon 

The focus of climate action has been primarily focused on efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Agricultural activities generate a sizable share of these emissions and have been a target of reduction efforts. There are two sides of the coin in agriculture, both damaging emissions from current practices and the promise of great reductions in atmospheric CO2 by using regenerative practices that return healthy levels of carbon to agricultural soils.  

We formed this Regenerative Agriculture Group as part of the Soil Not Oil Coalition to inform ourselves and educate our community about both sides of the agricultural emissions story. We are working with local farmers, ranchers. and vintners who are using regenerative practices to inform and educate our larger agricultural community in S

onoma County about the win/win benefits of 

regenerative agriculture: improved quality of product and profit, increased water holding capacity of soils, and, crucially, increased sequestration of atmospheric carbon back into the soil where it belongs.

We are meeting with local officials and representatives to urge development of initiatives to support regenerative practices through education and incentives. We are also lobbying to end federal and state subsides for industrial agriculture, which will provide adequate funding for the transition.

We are collaborating with local groups such as the Sonoma Compost Coalition to establish state of the art composting facilities in Sonoma County, a critical input to regenerative methods. We are committed to participating in strong, effective partnerships at the local level.

The founders are Anna Jacopetti, a retired teacher and author, and Terry, Harrison, retired farmer and Ag-Climate Chair in the North Coast Chapter of California Association of Family Farmers (CAFF).  Our members are devoted to researching best practices and spreading the word by writing articles, educating legislators, and organizing events and demonstrations. For more information contact us via our Facebook Page or by emailing

Some resources:

Article from Fast Co.Exist: Restoring Global Soil Quality Is One Of The Best Things 

We Can Do For Climate Change

From the Book Soil Not Oil by Vandana Shiva:

  • "Biodiverse, organic, and local food systems help mitigate climate change by lowering greenhouse gas emissions and increasing absorption of CO2 by plants and by the soil."
  • "In addition to reducing vulnerability and increasing resilience, biodiverse organic farming also produces more food and higher incomes."

For more info about the book, see this excerpt from Yes Magazine.

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