Reminder - 10/8 and 10/15

(group photo at the Power Through Paris workshop on Sept. 26)

Oct. 8:

Just a reminder, if you ALREADY attended the Power Through Paris Workshop hosted by Carolyn Scott at her enchanting Bella Luna Mountain Retreat, you DON'T need to attend our workshop this Thursday, Oct. 8 in Sebastopol. It's the same type of event, but on a different day.

DO send along anyone you think would be interested this Thursday, Oct. 8! Ask them to RSVP on one of our events pages so we can get a reasonable headcount.


Oct. 15:

Another reminder - we are hosting a follow-up meeting for attendees of BOTH workshops on Thursday, Oct. 15. We just have to tap all that amazing, incredible energy we all experienced at the workshop on 9/26! And the energy people will bring to the event on Oct. 8! Just look at your gorgeous selves in the photo! Thank you for caring for our future! We need you! We hope you will join us to urgently accelerate the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy. You know what's at stake. This is going to impact us all within our lifetimes, and in the lifetimes of our very children -- not some vague, distant future.


Remember - Boost the signal! Take action, early and often! Politicians don’t lead movements — PEOPLE do. JOIN US!

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