Redwood Revolution:                                                               Community Climate Art


Redwood Revolution: Community Climate Art

Local environmental organization 350 Sonoma County is organizing the “Redwood Revolution: Community Climate Art” in preparation for the United Nations Paris Climate Summit November 30th - December 11th. Sixth and seventh graders at the REACH school in Sebastopol are kicking off the “Redwood Revolution” by decorating recycled cardboard triangles with personal messages for the delegates about the beauty of their home in the Sonoma County and rallying calls for real action on climate change at the Paris Climate Summit. The triangles will be assembled into redwood trees and carried in the NorCal Climate Mobilization march in Oakland on November 21st. On December 12th, an international day of climate action, the triangles will be assembled locally into a mosaic of a giant redwood tree to be photographed aerially.

Winston Friedman, co-creator of the project and local solar energy researcher, was inspired by

a project he participated in in southern Oregon in which community members created scales for a giant salmon: “It’s a Rogue Thing: Bringing Climate Concerns Home”. Choosing the redwood tree as a symbol of Sonoma County’s natural beauty, Friedman talks about his vision: “The idea of this project is to bring people together so that we can express what our concerns are and mobilize our community towards a future that we all want”. 

Teaming up with Friedman are 350 Sonoma County environmental activists, including high school teacher Sunny Galbraith: “I am so excited about this project. It is a collaborative and beautiful way to express our concerns and to send a message to our elected officials and delegates to the Paris Climate Summit to create a meaningful and binding international climate agreement. Specifically, are asking leaders to agree that it is necessary to leave 80% of existing fossil fuel reserves in the ground in order to keep the climate under a 2 degree rise in temperature and avoid climate chaos.” 

Community members of all ages are invited to make triangles with their own creative designs and messages. Visit the “Redwood Revolution” Facebook page for instructions. Triangle creation stations will appear at the Sebastopol Farmers’ Market on Sunday, October 25th and at the SSU Sustainability Fair on October 21st. For more information or to get involved, contact Winston Friedman (  or Sunny Galbraith (


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