Protect Sonoma Clean Power from PG&E's 2016 Exit Fee Spike!



Dear friends -

As we follow what world leaders decide at the Paris Climate Summit this week, we can each do something to protect clean energy (i.e. Sonoma Clean Power) here in Sonoma County. We can email a letter to the CA Public Utilities Commission (PUC) urging them to oppose PG&E's 2016 exit fee spike.

The Action Network web site allows you to email the PUC:

This site provides more info about the issue from 350 Bay Area and a generic letter that you can modify. But you can use a version written by one of our volunteers, or write your own.

Our letter specifically addresses Sonoma Clean Power. You can copy the text and replace the generic letter on the above web page to convey your specific concern about the impact of this fee on Sonoma Clean Power.  

Thank you!


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