Nov. 21 Bay Area Climate Mobilization March! MARCH for those who cannot march in Paris!

Due to the recent tragedy in Paris, French officials are banning the long planned climate mobilizations for the next three months due to heightened security issues. The hopes of the thousands who were planning to converge in Paris from all parts of the globe on the eve of the UN climate talks in Paris are being dashed.

IT'S ALL THE MORE IMPORTANT TO BLAZE OUR LIGHTS BRIGHTER IN CLIMATE MOBILIZATIONS ACROSS THE GLOBE. JOIN US at the NorCal/Bay Area climate mobilization tomorrow, to demand we keep fossil fuels in the ground, to put pressure on every politician who will betray our children's future to keep themselves in power and their coffers full. Join us for those who can no longer march for their loved ones in November and December. Join us -- for EVERYONE you love!

Click here to buy tickets for the buses from Sonoma County to the march in Oakland tomorrow Saturday, Nov. 21!

For schedule, pickup points and other details, go to our logistics page.

Do it for everyone you love!


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