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350 Sonoma is an all-volunteer Sonoma County non-profit organization concerned with slowing climate change and working for climate justice.  We are under the umbrella of 350 Bay Area and inspired by the worldwide organization

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Our regional Air Quality Management District is considering refinery emissions caps!

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District embarked on an ambitious process to cap CO2 emissions from nearby refineries, setting the intention to cap at current emissions levels. This decision to place a firm cap was complicated by the staff recommending to set caps at 25% above current emissions. Staff's reasons for that are not nefarious, but we believe them to be misguided. Shirlee Zane, our representative for the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors, felt that any cap would be fine. Help us convince her that such a high cap defeats the purpose! Send her an email here; call and leave a message at 707-565-2241. Or, the old fashioned way: 575 Administration Dr, Room 100A, Santa Rosa CA 95403. 

Points to make: * Thank you for your support for a cap. * The current staff proposal includes increases to account for potential future emissions for projects already on the books, resulting in a potential 25% increase in emissions, built in. * Caps are meant to create firm limits for emitters to work within. * The increase would significantly impact efforts to cut greenhouse gas emissions in our region AND have significant health impacts from co-emissions. * Please support the original caps agreed to by the board.

Here is a good summary article about the issue.

We have videos of the exciting David C. Johnson presentation at the SHED

Throngs of people showed up to hear David C. Johnson talking about his ground-breaking research into composting methods that increase soil health and uptake of CO2. Watch him here: 

And here:


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