WHAT IS DIVESTMENT? Divestment is the opposite of investment – it means to remove or sell stocks, bonds, and/or mutual funds that invest in oil, coal, and gas companies—those that profit from destroying the planet. These investments are financially risky as well as unethical.

DON’T WE NEED FOSSIL FUELS? I drive my car every day. We currently need fossil fuel and divesting from stocks/funds will NOT bankrupt the industry. However,

we cannot continue to do business as usual as the fossil fuel industry intends.

The fossil fuel industry has five times more carbon in its reserves than is safe to burn if we are to prevent irreversible climate catastrophe.

Divesting from fossil fuel will send a message to the industry that it must become a clean energy industry.

Do I have to have investments to take action? No.


How can I help?

1.    Sign petitions to urge

2.    Start your own campaigns to divest your college, religious institution, and/or city

3.    Support an already existing campaign. Check for a list of current campaign or to start your own.

4.    California Teachers’ Pension Fund CalSTRS needs to divest from fossil fuel companies for financial as well as moral reasons. Come to a rally at the CalSTRS head office in Sacramento, Friday morning, Feb 6, 2015.    Further details to be announced.  

5.    Join 350 Sonoma County at the Global Divest Day, 11 am to 2pm at Sonoma State University, Rohnert Park, CA in front of the Student Center. Check out our events page for details 

For more information Contact: Jane Vosburg at