Fracking can be Banned in California!

We are at the precipice of a crucial energy infrastructure decision which needs addressing; will California ban fracking?

It is possible this will occur if our legislatures and Governor listen to the thousands of voices asking for their decisive leadership to oppose this technology. New York State has led the way on this issue. Now we have a chance to follow their example. 

How did New York get the fracking ban passed?

 In Popular Resistance's recent article How We Banned Fracking in New York they state,


"It’s a tale in which we all are—each one of us is—a starring character and a co-author. We are the maker of this story that has been shaped by our unceasing, unrelenting efforts—all of which mattered and made a difference."

This is the time when individual actions are crucial to changing the course of fossil fuel energy production in our State. We can do this!

Every person's talents are needed; including the act of showing up to rally's, volunteering to support local actions in your area, or lobbying your representatives in Sacramento to reconsider the current fossil fuel energy infrastructure as a dinosaur that needs to transition to a renewable energy sources that are safe for future generations. 

So what are you going to do?

How will you make a difference? Join 350 Sonoma County at our local events like the showing of Gasland 2 on January 29th. See our events page for more information on the movie and other local events.

You can also join thousands of others at the  March for Real Climate Leadership

Sign up for the February 7th March for Real Climate Leadership on our events page.

Sign up for the Sonoma County bus ride from Santa Rosa to Oakland at:


Every person counts. 

Every voice needs to be heard. 


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