Donation Advice

Donation Advice [updated 2/24/2017]

Please check the camp web sites (below) for the latest updates before sending anything other than money. We have heard an eyewitness report of stacks of rocket stoves still in boxes unopened at one of the camps. Also check our Sonoma Solidarity with Standing Rock Facebook page, this Sonoma Supports Standing Rock group page (not run by us), and this web page for occasional updates on requests from the tribe!

Donations welcome for Standing Rock legal defense and general fund to help get them through the winter. We've been advised by several sources to be careful where you give your money. We suggest the web sites listed below.

Note that both the Oceti Oyate Camp (formerly known asĀ Oceti Sakawin Camp) and Sacred Stone Camp are asking people to STOP sending clothing.

Oceti Oyate donation page (formerly Oceti Sakawin)

From the Sacred Stone Camp FAQ:

"At this time we are asking that you DO NOT SEND CLOTHING DONATIONS as we are experiencing an overwhelming amount and are not currently in need of used clothing or blankets. Please check out our Amazon list at the link above, or our SUPPLY LIST page for information on what we do need."

Requests for supplies, winter shelters, medical supplies and more continue to come in. But there is also a tremendous need for cash donations. The camps desperately need money for bail and legal expenses, and winterizing the camps. The most flexible gift is simply a donation of money. If you are sending medical supplies, equipment, etc. then those items need to be transported from Sonoma County to North Dakota. However money can be sent electronically. Then the camps can purchase exactly what they need.

Legal Defense: There is still a tremendous need for funding for legal defense and bail:

Lakota People's Law Project

Sacred Stone Legal Defense Fund

On 1/23/2017, young members of Withstand With Wolves who are from Standing Rock spoke at the Sebastopol Grange to an audience of over 100. When asked what is needed, they recommended the following:

  • 500 GoPro video cameras in order to document what's happening and get the latest news updates out.
  • O'Reilly Auto Parts gift cards.
  • Lowe's Home Improvement gift cards.

They and others say the money and items being donated are not reaching everyone. They recommend donating directly to those in need, rather than to the general camp funds, as the money is not being distributed evenly.

We have also heard that Camp of the Sacred Stones receives more donations that the other camps such as Oceti Oyate (formerly Oceti Sakowin), and Rosebud (women's camp). Please try to donate to the other camps to spread the support.

North Dakota winter temperatures can drop to 60 degrees below zero. If you do send clothes, please make sure to to send ONLY winter clothing rated for ARCTIC weather. They are getting lots of clothes that are not suitable to the freezing cold winter and things and have no place to store them. Again, both Sacred Stone Camp and Oceti Sakawin have stopped accepting donations of clothing. Again, a cash donation has the most flexibility.

There have been requests for sleeping bags that are suitable for SUB-ZERO temperatures, winterized yurts, shelters, etc. rated for ARCTIC weather. Please contact the tribes at the links below to see what is needed.

General Info:,

Use the DAPL Fund donation link on this page:

Email to join the Sonoma-NoDAPL mailing list of the Sonoma County Solidarity with Standing Rock group, for updates on upcoming actions, events, fundraisers, meetings, volunteer opportunities, petitions, etc.

#NoDAPL, #WaterIsLife

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