CARPOOL & BUS info for the Nov. 15 Action at Citibank, San Rafael!

Wear Blue & Bring Signs
Folks going to the action in SF are being encouraged to wear blue, to represent water. Let's do it in San Rafael too! Bring signs if you can. Note the meeting point and more info about the Standing Rock Day of Action Nov. 15 at the bottom. Thanks for joining us!

Bus Info

Southbound #101 Bus - Santa Rosa to San Rafael - $8 one way - Bring exact change
Golden Gate Transit #101 leaves Santa Rosa Transit Mall (2nd & B St.). It arrives at San Rafael Transit Center (Platform A, close to 2nd St). It stops in Rohnert Park, Cotati, Petaluma, and Novato, on the way.

Santa Rosa   San Rafael

1:45pm - Arrive 3:10pm (early trip)
2:45pm - Arrive 4:10pm <— BEST
3:40pm - Arrive 5:10pm (late)

Rohnert Park, Cotati, or Petaluma to San Rafael - $6.75 one way
Use the Trip Planner on or Google Maps to find out what time the #101 departs Rohnert Park, Cotati, or Petaluma. Remember to bring exact change for each way.

Within Marin County to San Rafael is only $2.

Return trip: Northbound #101 Bus
Board NORTHBOUND #101 bus at a different platform than where you arrived:  Platform C - close to 3rd St. Additional trips are listed in case the first bus is full or you want to grab a bite to eat.

San Rafael to Santa Rosa

6:15pm - Arrive 7:43pm
6:45pm - Arrive 8:12pm
7:15pm - Arrive 8:40pm
8:15pm - Arrive 9:38pm

Carpool Info
Traffic into San Rafael shouldn't be too bad, but we hear parking is difficult. Please carpool. Also, if you are getting a ride, please offer to share the cost of gas.

For carpooling from Santa Rosa, meet at 3:00 PM at the Park & Ride lot at Brookwood Ave/Hwy. 12. It's just north of the county fairgrounds under the overpass. Overflow parking is available at the Veterans Building. 215 parking spaces.

For carpooling from Petaluma, meet at 3:15 PM at the Park & Ride at
E. Washington St at Petaluma Fairgrounds (150 spaces).
Parking Info
There is parking under the freeway in central San Rafael if people carpool down there.

Here's a link to download a PDF of the downtown parking lots. It's marked with the Citibank location (red box with an X), and with the kiosk where we'll meet (blue box with an X) - see bottom right corner of the map.

Here is a link to city parking lots in downtown San Rafael:

One of our members says, "we did get our car towed once in San Rafael when we thought we had parked it legally etc. And the rules changed after certain hours. It was a very expensive mistake to make and it wasn't at all clear to us" what they should have done.

Meeting Point
Meet at the coffee kiosk on Platform D - at the corner of 3rd St. & Tamalpais, the NE corner of the Transit Center. Citibank is across the street! Don't forget - wear blue to represent water!

Thanks go to Laura and most especially Jenny! for their help with these instructions!

General Info about the Standing Rock Day of Action Nov. 15

Look up actions planned in other locations across the country:



Mailing Lists, Facebook, Web Site

To sign up with 350 Sonoma for climate action, see:

To sign up with the new Sonoma County - Solidarity with Standing Rock, see:


See you there! Mni Wiconi! Water is Life!





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