We work on the following campaigns:

Climate Action Education Events - doing outreach, organizing events in Sonoma County on climate change and what we can do. We have opportunities to bring people into the climate action movement! Supporting and promoting's worldwide climate movement by participating in national and Bay Area mass actions and non-violent civil disobedience (NVCD) actions.

Divestment - working on getting CalSTRS to divest from all fossil fuels, to KEEP ALL FOSSIL FUELS IN THE GROUND! As CalSTRS is one of the largest pension funds in the nation, if CalSTRS divests, it will influence the rest of the world to end investments in fossil fuel industries.

Soil Not Oil - working on regenerative agriculture: sequestration of carbon into soil as one of the best ways to mitigate the effects of climate change while dealing with the disastrous consequences of industrial agriculture (Vandana Shiva reports that it is responsible for 38% of carbon emissions.)

Local Carbon Tax - working on a local carbon tax as one of the fastest ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in our county and one of the most effective ways to mitigate the impacts of a changing climate.



Past Efforts




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