Help Create a Visual Display of Clean Energy Transformation for the Sebastopol Apple Blossom Parade on April 18th!

Join 350 Sonoma County for a colorful, creative expression of climate hope!  We will be creating a 3-D, multi-piece, moving visual to show our support for energy transformation away from fossil fuels and towards clean energy.   


Bring your imagination and help us come up with a story to tell!  We will create any additional signs and props we need (see below for a list of what we have.  Could we use a water element with flowing blue cloth?  A large sun?  An earth to go in the T-Rex’s jaws?).  We will also reinforce the dinosaur skeleton model so it can travel down the parade route.

Planning and work dates.  Come to any you can.  We need a dozen or more folks to carry props down the parade route.   If you can’t make it to the dates below, we’d love to have you join us for the parade! 


All dates will be at my house, 440 S. High St, Sebastopol.  I live one block off of Main St (the parade route) so it is a good place to build/ store the props.  

Thursday, April 2nd.  6:30: planning (looking at the props and signs we have and creating a visual story with them, thinking of any other props or signs that we need to make).

Saturday, April 8th: 3:00-5:30: construction, signage, etc.

Saturday, April 11: 3:00-5:30: construction, signage, etc.

Parade is Sat, April 18th, 10 am

Send me an email if you want to join for any of the dates and/ or for the parade itself:


We currently have these props: Start imagining how we can use them to tell a story of clean energy transformation!

-        A 12-ft. T-rex skeleton (to represent fossil fuels.  He says, “Leave me in the ground!”)

-        Three large, colorful windmill models (blades rotate!)

-        Solar panel models

-        A wearable tornado costume

-        Many signs/ banners: “Don’t Frack  California”, “Fossil Fuels are History”, “Climate Action Now, 350 Sonoma County” “Say Yes to Clean Energy”

-        Bee costumes


-Sunny Galbraith


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