A Very Good Day at CalSTRS Headquarters

Today we united for a silent demonstration at the CalSTRS headquarters in Sacramento. During the public comments section of the CalSTRS investment committee meeting, we lined the walls of the meeting room. We held red posterboard apples to represent the California schoolteachers whose pensions CalSTRS manages. Each apple has a different message to urge CalSTRS to divest from ALL fossil fuels to help end financial investments in fossil fuel industries that are speeding us towards calamity.

Divestment helped end brutal racial segregation in South Africa. CalSTRS acting to divest from South African investments was influential in turning the world against the South African economy to apply financial pressure to end devastating racial policies. If CalSTRS divests, as it is one of the largest pension funds in the world, it will influence other financial institutions WORLDWIDE to divest from fossil fuels which spell doom for our world and speed the transition to renewable energy.

Thank you to everyone who made this protest happen, and those who were with us in spirit!

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