"Climate Selfie" Video Project! Teachers & Students tell CalSTRS it’s time to Divest from ALL fossil fuels!

photo credit: (c)Mark Meyer/Greenpeace

Our divestment team plans to make a video of teachers and their students' concerns about climate change to send an URGENT and compelling message to CalSTRS (California State Teachers Retirement System).

We are asking California teachers and their students to video record themselves giving a message to CalSTRS to stop investing its BILLIONS in fossil fuels and protect our students' futures. If CalSTRS, a giant pension fund in the U.S., divests completely from fossil fuels, other financial institutions across the country and across the world will do the same. If CalSTRS divests, it will accelerate the transition AWAY from fossil fuels and towards renewable energy!

With your help making and collecting videos and/or with posting these messages on social media, YOU CAN MAKE THAT HAPPEN!

Everyone knows at least one teacher and/or student. If you are a student or a teacher or a community college instructor in California, if you KNOW any teachers or students who care about our future, please visit the Fossil Free California web site for instructions:

Fossil Free California

Or download flyer.


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