Nov. 21 Bay Area Climate Mobilization March! MARCH for those who cannot march in Paris!

Due to the recent tragedy in Paris, French officials are banning the long planned climate mobilizations for the next three months due to heightened security issues. The hopes of the thousands who were planning to converge in Paris from all parts of the globe on the eve of the UN climate talks in Paris are being dashed.

IT'S ALL THE MORE IMPORTANT TO BLAZE OUR LIGHTS BRIGHTER IN CLIMATE MOBILIZATIONS ACROSS THE GLOBE. JOIN US at the NorCal/Bay Area climate mobilization tomorrow, to demand we keep fossil fuels in the ground, to put pressure on every politician who will betray our children's future to keep themselves in power and their coffers full. Join us for those who can no longer march for their loved ones in November and December. Join us -- for EVERYONE you love!

Click here to buy tickets for the buses from Sonoma County to the march in Oakland tomorrow Saturday, Nov. 21!

For schedule, pickup points and other details, go to our logistics page.

Do it for everyone you love!


Nov. 21 Bay Area Climate Mobilization March! Bus Info from Sonoma County!

IMAGINE being on a bus full of people talking about climate action and ways to work together! Communities around the world will march to continue to intensify worldwide attention on the URGENT need for climate action. JOIN US! Help get the word out about the November 21st Oakland march. Arrive with Five: bring five people to the march.

Bus tickets to the big Northern California Climate Mobilization march now available! 

To purchase bus tickets:

There are three ticket levels (round trip):

  •     General Bus Tickets $20
  •     SRJC and SSU Student Bus Tickets $5 - *Thanks to a generous donation from the Sierra Club
  •     VIP Bus Ticket $100  *This includes a Conservation Action gift package, light snack and refreshments.
        VIP tickets will also enable others get to the event that are unable to financially secure a ticket.

Purchase tickets in advance to speed up loading the buses.

Get on the bus! Get involved! Do it for everyone and every creature you love!

350 Sonoma County is teaming up with Sonoma County Conservation Action and the Sierra Club in organizing the buses and mobilizing folks in Sonoma County for the event.

Rain or shine, we're going!

See logistics page: Pickup points, schedule, parking, etc.

NorCal Climate Mobilization march -

Sonoma County Conservation Action (SCCA):

Sierra Club - Sonoma County chapter:

Check out this photo: Last year's People's Climate March at Lake Merritt in Oakland!

Redwood Revolution:                                                               Community Climate Art


Redwood Revolution: Community Climate Art

Local environmental organization 350 Sonoma County is organizing the “Redwood Revolution: Community Climate Art” in preparation for the United Nations Paris Climate Summit November 30th - December 11th. Sixth and seventh graders at the REACH school in Sebastopol are kicking off the “Redwood Revolution” by decorating recycled cardboard triangles with personal messages for the delegates about the beauty of their home in the Sonoma County and rallying calls for real action on climate change at the Paris Climate Summit. The triangles will be assembled into redwood trees and carried in the NorCal Climate Mobilization march in Oakland on November 21st. On December 12th, an international day of climate action, the triangles will be assembled locally into a mosaic of a giant redwood tree to be photographed aerially.

Winston Friedman, co-creator of the project and local solar energy researcher, was inspired by

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NorCal Climate March - Oakland! Nov. 21 - Mark Your Calendars!

On Saturday, November 21, 350 Sonoma County will join the NorCal Climate Mobilization march in Oakland, CA!

We and the rest of's worldwide supporters are ramping up for the 2015 UN climate conference in Paris in December (COP21) and beyond. We are doing this perhaps not so much because we and 350 leader Bill McKibben think the conference will make a difference, but to continue to intensify worldwide attention on the urgency of transitioning to sustainability and renewable energy as quickly as possible, by 2050.

We will be preparing to organize buses to take people to the Oakland NorCal climate march on November 21st. We just got new volunteers at the Power Through Paris workshop, and may get a few more this Thursday, Oct. 8 -- which feels terrific.

Hope you can join our organization -- and fight for our children's futures!

JOIN US! Boost the signal! Politicians don’t lead movements — PEOPLE do.


Click to sign up for one of our buses to the march:

Also check out our events page.

Check out this photo: Last year, 8000 people attended the People's Climate March at Lake Merritt in Oakland!

Reminder - 10/8 and 10/15

(group photo at the Power Through Paris workshop on Sept. 26)

Oct. 8:

Just a reminder, if you ALREADY attended the Power Through Paris Workshop hosted by Carolyn Scott at her enchanting Bella Luna Mountain Retreat, you DON'T need to attend our workshop this Thursday, Oct. 8 in Sebastopol. It's the same type of event, but on a different day.

DO send along anyone you think would be interested this Thursday, Oct. 8! Ask them to RSVP on one of our events pages so we can get a reasonable headcount.


Oct. 15:

Another reminder - we are hosting a follow-up meeting for attendees of BOTH workshops on Thursday, Oct. 15. We just have to tap all that amazing, incredible energy we all experienced at the workshop on 9/26! And the energy people will bring to the event on Oct. 8! Just look at your gorgeous selves in the photo! Thank you for caring for our future! We need you! We hope you will join us to urgently accelerate the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy. You know what's at stake. This is going to impact us all within our lifetimes, and in the lifetimes of our very children -- not some vague, distant future.


Remember - Boost the signal! Take action, early and often! Politicians don’t lead movements — PEOPLE do. JOIN US!

Power Through Paris Workshop! 10/8

Come join us to plan for the coming months of action and to build momentum
for the road ahead!

We plan to speak and act with a unified message before and after world leaders
meet in Paris for the UN Climate Conference this December demanding that at least
80% of the fossil fuels remain in the ground andthat we have a just transition
to renewable energy by 2050

Politicians don’t lead movements — PEOPLE do.

JOIN US! Boost the signal! Power on through!

Note the Google map link may be wrong - It may show 440 High School Road
instead of 440 S. High St., and the actual cross street is Calder Ave.

Everyone, please RSVP on the events page - so we can plan for enough chairs!

Report from Power Through Paris Workshop! Sept 26, 2015 asked supporters to organize Power Through Paris workshops to prepare for upcoming climate action leading up to the 2015 UN Climate Conference in Paris (COP21), and beyond.

Santa Rosa got lucky: TWO Power Through Paris workshops, one organized by 350 Sonoma County (us), and one organized by another member, longtime supporter Carolyn Scott, documentary filmmaker and developer of Solutionaries environmental software that helps kids around the world explore and share ideas about how to solve the climate crisis. We reached out to the other organizer and attended that workshop, at Carolyn's beautiful Bella Luna Mountain Retreat.

TWENTY-SEVEN people showed up! We had a great time working with each other and brainstorming ideas on how to build momentum for climate action locally, reaching out to local groups, and more. It was a great success!

Click to view more photos


If you'd like to attend a Power Through Paris Workshop, please JOIN US on Thursday, October 8 in Sebastopol. Please visit the events page for directions and to RSVP.

Fossil Free California: Divesting from Fossil Fuels

Members of 350 Sonoma County attended Fossil Free California's Strategy Day at's Oakland office on September 17, including Jane Vosburg, who is also a member of Fossil Free CA's new steering committee.

Fossil Free CA is one of the campaigns of which focuses on divesting from fossil fuels in California.

Divestment played a key role worldwide in turning the tide against South African racial apartheid. And we here in California often lead the way for the rest of the world in social transformation, and technological and economic innovation. CalSTRS (the California State Teachers Retirement System) and CalPERS (the California Public Employees' Retirement System) both divested from South Africa. The effect of pulling out their combined billions of investment dollars played a major role in ending apartheid, and many across the world followed suit. We are working to accelerate divestment from fossil fuel industries in order to accelerate the transition to renewable energy and sustainable technologies by 2050.

350 Sonoma County's divestment group focuses on urging CalSTRS to divest its billions from fossil fuel companies.

  • We have started a project to send letters and emails to the boards of the largest chapters of the California Teachers Association, asking for their support.
  • We also need bodies at the next CalSTRS Investment Committee meeting, scheduled for November 4, 10AM -12PM at CalSTRS office in Sacramento.
  • In addition, if anyone is interested in pursuing the Divest Santa Rosa and Sonoma County campaigns, Jane can give you details of the current status and suggest steps forward.

The divestment group meets the 1st Monday of every month at 7:00 p.m. at Jane Vosburg’s home in Santa Rosa (except as noted on our web site, Facebook page and electronic mailing list).

To get involved in any of our divestment projects, please contact Jane at


CalSTRS Rally - A Great Recap

Jane Vosburg & Tom Steyer

Jane Vosburg of Fossil Free CA, and Tom Steyer


Robert Silvey has written a fantastic and very informative report about the CalSTRS rally jointly organized by Fossil Free California and 350 Sonoma County. It also includes a video link of the talk by "An Inconvenient Billionaire" Tom Steyer, founder of NextGen Climate, and a video link to teachers calling on CalSTRS to divest from fossil fuels. The report highlights key points from the talk and the other speakers. Check it out!

CalSTRS Rally a Success!

On Friday, June 12th, we gathered at the CalSTRS headquarters in Sacraments from all over! Members of 350 Sonoma County, Fossil Free California, Raging Grannies, 350 Sacramento, 350 East Bay, Unitarian Church of Oakland, and more! We held a peaceful demonstration in front as members of the CalSTRS investment committee and other staff members drove in. We spoke in the public comments portion of the investment committee meeting, as we have for the past year.

We continued to urge CalSTRS (California teachers retirement fund) to divest its billions from fossil fuels, to protect our children and their children from the effects of climate change that is happening within ALL our lifetimes. And we urged CalSTRS to protect our retired California teachers from STRANDED ASSETS from the ever increasing costs of fuel extraction (drilling in the Arctic, for pete's sake!) competing against the ever-decreasing production costs and increasing financial returns of renewable energy. We continue to urge CalSTRS to drop its foot-dragging engagement which abets the constant stalling and the disastrous disinformation campaign of greedy fossil fuel industries bent on bloated profits at the expense of our children and children's children's future.

Yesterday "An Inconvenient Billionaire" Tom Steyer spoke before the investment committee pointing out the numbers and trends that prove investment in fossil fuels and a policy of engagement are a fools' errand both morally and financially.

About 50 of us came together this time - which we count as a great success. We happily greeted old friends in the movement for climate action or made new ones. This is just the beginning of our working together. We are only beginning to come together to fight for our children and our children's children's future!

Click for more photos